The Waiting Room

THE WAITING ROOM   Sitting in a waiting room of a hospital or a medical practice is a common experience for anyone who has ever fallen ill or who has stood by the side of someone else fallen ill. Neutral decor, sterile looking chairs, old magazines, all employed to detract and soothe the feeling of

Space and the architecture of compassion

Space and the Architecture of Compassion Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, in collaboration with Compassion Collective present the architecture exhibition “Space and the Architecture of Compassion”, curated by Prof. Solon Xenopoulos and based on an idea by Dr Efi Kyprianidou and Penny Monogiou. This is the first part of a series of art and research projects that

On the phenomenology of being ill

Press Release The Kuenstquartier Bethanien (Berlin) and the collective team Compassion present the project “Compassion: On the phenomenology of being ill” (Phase One), curated by Dr Efi Kyprianidou and Penny Monogiou. The project aims to deal with questions regarding the phenomenology of being ill; that is, what it is like being in a state of

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